About Westco Metalcraft, Inc.

Westco Metalcraft, Inc. was founded in 1953 by Bjarne H. Westergaard.  Mr. Westergaard was a skilled toolmaker who immigrated to the United States from Denmark in 1921.  

Mr. Westergaard led the prototype department at Ford Motor Company. While there he developed a vision for an independent firm that could provide technical skills and develop prototype and low volume stampings for a variety of manufactured products. He believed that a small firm with a high degree of technical expertise could provide customers with personal attention, quick turn around, and flexibility at an affordable price.

Today Mr. Westergaard’s family continues to turn his vision into reality.  Employees at Westco Metalcraft have an average of 28 years in the industry.  We are still family owned, we still take time with our customers, and we still help our customers turn visions into reality every day.  


Why do you "love" Westco Metalcraft;  why or what are we better at than your other suppliers?  (or, i.e., what makes us unique?)

I LOVE MATT!! - Seriously- the reason Westco is great is that it is a small family owned business that one can have direct contact with and get quality parts made quickly at a reasonable price without having to go through all kinds of people/systems.  You guys will even start a job before the P.O. is issued in good faith which is how business used to be done. I can pick up the phone and get through to anyone there and get answers without any hassle.

What types of parts/programs makes you think of Westco first?

Metal parts that I need quickly and at a competitive price. Also if there is a chance for short term production after the prototypes due to the production timing because you have delivered such in the past.

   -- Bill F.,  Chrysler Corporation


Why do you “love” Westco Metalcraft?  Why, or what,  are we better at than your other suppliers (i.e., what makes us unique)?

We chose to work with suppliers that due business like we do business.  Product Engineering and Purchasing at Clips & Clamps Industries loves working with Westco because of their high level of personal involvement and business integrity. 

What types of parts/programs makes you think of using us first?

Sometimes placing an order with a prototype company is like sending your PO to a blackhole.  You just hope that parts come out the other side when the due date hits.  When we have a project that requires a high level of communication and visability, we would chose Westco over any other possible source.

-- Jeff Aznavorian

“I really wanted to say “thank you” for your outstanding service on our “NPN cup” program.  I was in a real jam with my customer, and your responsiveness in providing parts to (us) in such short time helped a great deal.  In the environment that we operate in today, it is nice to know that there are still suppliers who are willing to go the distance for you when you need it. (Nicer still when they don’t even complain about it!)

…I will continue to recommend Westco to anyone I think may need your services.”    Tom A., Engineering Manager


“We are so very grateful for your quick response and delivery.  Thank you from everyone (here)”   Michelle O.,, Sales & Marketing Manager

“Just wanted to thank you and everyone else who had a hand in pushing the brackets through for us on such short notice!”   Paul D.,  Production Scheduler

“I and the rest of the team appreciate the efforts you all made in getting us the parts we needed in such a timely manner.  I just wish that all of our suppliers had the same sense of urgency as you.  Am looking forward to placing more orders with you and Matt.”  Roy P.,  Engineering Manager


First of all I wanted to thank you for helping us out on this project.  I really do appreciate the way you handle the packaging it helps me a great deal!  You make my job easier and less stressful.  Thank you for driving all the way out here to the windy city.

  -- E.F., IMS Buhrke-Olson